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    I am new to this forum, so here is a little bit about my self

    Hello, My name is Hannah,
    I am a stay at mum, studying full time via internet, and also writing a book about parenting 2 or more children.
    I am a mum to Two amazing little men. my oldest is 5 yrs who was digonosed with slight traits of autisic behaviour and youngest is 16months, also have a wonderful step daughter, who is older than my children.
    my Partner and I recently exsperanced a miscairage to a set of Twins. With dealing with this lose. my partner suggested i find a Forum where i can get some more support from other mums, so i dont have to feel like i am the only one. We want to try and have another soon, but we are worried that its to soon after the miscariage.

    I am looking forward to reading other peoples forums and giving advice when i can, and look forward in hearing from others on this forum.

    Cheers Hannah

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    Hi Hannah,

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for introducing yourself!

    You sound like a wonderful mum! I'm so very sorry for the recent loss you have experienced. That is so sad. I experienced a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and it broke my heart. Thinking of you and your partner. I got pregnant in the next cycle following my miscarriage - this baby bean is now a active 2 year old! Some women wait until they have regular cycles again following a miscarriage and also to allow their body to recover but I was just desperate to have a baby.

    Looking forward to sharing the parenting journey with you.
    With warm wishes,


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    Hi Hannah

    Welcome to the forum! Please accept my condolences on the loss of your twins. Many years ago I lost twins, one early on and the other at 13 weeks. It was devastating and to be honest I rarely mention the fact that I was carrying twins to others. They are generally overwhelmed enough at the loss of one.

    As LJ mentioned, some women wait to allow their bodies time to recover while others head straight in for another try. How long is 'long enough' to wait can be dependent on how far along you were when you experienced your loss, whether your cycle has returned, and whether you are showing signs of ovulation.

    However there is also the emotional recovery to consider. I was desperate to have a baby like LJ but had also experienced three miscarriages by this stage so I was also unsure I could cope with any more grief without some time to heal.

    Your partner needs a big pat on the back as seeking out others was definitely a great suggestion in my opinion. It is so easy to feel isolated and alone in it all but when I ventured out virtually speaking I found so many caring women who had experienced loss or who hadn't but felt for me and were so keen to offer support. This was a huge element in my healing journey and helped me along the very rocky road that that led me to the two beautiful girls pictured in my profile pic!

    It's great to have you here Hannah and I look forward to hearing and sharing more with you.


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    Hi Hannah - I am very sorry to read about your miscarriage. My heart goes out to you. Hannah Dahlen has written a wonderful article called Understanding Miscarriage which you might find helpful. I have put together a few resource on miscarriage on this page that you can find additional information. Like the previous two women - I too have experienced miscarriage and had to work through the difficult emotions of loss. I personally found reading other women's experiences helpful and reading books on the subject filled gaps in my knowledge. I found lots of women started to share the personal experiences of loss with me and I suddenly found that I was not alone.
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