Hello, My name is Hannah,
I am a stay at mum, studying full time via internet, and also writing a book about parenting 2 or more children.
I am a mum to Two amazing little men. my oldest is 5 yrs who was digonosed with slight traits of autisic behaviour and youngest is 16months, also have a wonderful step daughter, who is older than my children.
my Partner and I recently exsperanced a miscairage to a set of Twins. With dealing with this lose. my partner suggested i find a Forum where i can get some more support from other mums, so i dont have to feel like i am the only one. We want to try and have another soon, but we are worried that its to soon after the miscariage.

I am looking forward to reading other peoples forums and giving advice when i can, and look forward in hearing from others on this forum.

Cheers Hannah