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    Recently had a miscarriage , when is a good time to start trying again?


    I have recently had a miscarriage to a set of twins, my partner and I want to start trying again, but we dont know how long after we should wait to start trying?
    if any one has ideas on whens a best time to start trying, could you let me know?

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    Hi Hannah -

    I am so sorry about your miscarriage.

    I don't know that their is any clear answer to this question. The answer comes from when you feel ready both physically and emotionally. If you lost a lot of blood during the miscarriage it may be beneficial to wait until your iron stores build up. When a planning pregnancy it is always beneficial to do some preconception care. Making sure you are in top physical shape helps ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    From a practical point of view it is helpful to try again after you've experience a period following the miscarriage. This way you can note the first day of your last menstrual period which is very helpful when calculating your estimated due date.
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    I also had a miscarriage and my husband and I both both feel that we are ready... We've been trying but I am not getting pregnant? What may be the problem?

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    I've put some comments about this in your question here.

    I wish you and healthy and happy pregnancy.

    Best wishes,


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