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Thread: BV in pregnancy

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    BV in pregnancy

    I am wondering if anyone has information on natural BV cures in pregnancy? I have been given antibiotics twice with no help, it comes back in full force once I stop the medication. I take probiotics and take lots of vitamins drink plenty of water and avoid lots of sugar but nothing seems to get rid of the thick yellowish disharge, also tried garlic orally raw and as suppositories.
    Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks.

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    Hi Baily - Welcome to the forum. I am sorry your are having some much trouble with bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy. I am wondering if you have been tested for other conditions rather than just bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy?

    With BV, imbalance occurs in the normal vaginal flora with a reduction of the dominant lactobacilli and overgrowth of other types of bacteria. It is not an infection. Around 20 per cent of women have BV in pregnancy with the majority of women having no symptoms. BV can spontaneously resolve without treatment. BV with symptoms has been linked to obstetric complications.

    Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise and a number of studies have explored the link between Vitamin D deficiency and BV.

    The natural strategies that show promise with BV are Probiotics, Multi-Gyn Active Gel, garlic and vitamin D supplementation. What type of probiotic are you using? Probiotics come in various qualities. There are practitioner only ones such UltraBiotic Pregnancy Care that you can get through a health professional (i.e. midwife, doctor, naturopath etc). Talk to a health professional about which probiotic would be best. Multi-Gyn Active Gel is an option and is available over the counter. You can try roasting whole cloves of garlic to eat (bit more palatable than having it raw).

    I hope this helps.
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