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    6 years apart in a love/hate relationship

    Hi all

    I am a single parent of two wonderful girls born 6 years apart - one now 8 and the other 2. Many people think that this must be bliss - so much better than children close together. After all the older one can look after the younger one right? They are half right. My older girl CAN be a wonderful help. But just like babies born close together, there are down sides.

    My girls are very different ages and at very different stages. They need different types of toys, activities and television programs, there are safety issues for the younger one that don't exist for the older one, and a greater need for 'alone time' by the older one which leaves the younger one crying at the door. With only one of me and two of them it can sometimes be hellish trying to meet their respective needs. As an educator of more years than I care mention it is ironic that I find this as challenging as I do.

    I am interested to hear from others with a big age gap between siblings what strategies you use to keep the peace. I would also love to share my 'tricks of the trade!'

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