Hi Ladies, my name is Asha and I am a 2nd year Midwifery student at Monash Peninsula. I am seeking pregnant woman to follow as a requirement of my course who are willing to accept my presence throughout their pregnancy. The follow through experience involves the student following the woman throughout her pregnancy in order to gain an additional understanding of different stages of pregnancy, as well as providing support to the woman and answering any queries or questions. The time spent with the woman can be anything from emails, telephone calls, coffee catch ups or if the woman is willing, going to antenatal appointments.

I am a young, 19year old student straight out of school therefore not many of my friends are pregnant for me to follow! I would be extremely appeciative to any woman who is willing to partake in the follow through experience in the area of Melbourne. I am from the Mornington Peninsula, so anyone around that area would be even better! But I am willing to travel into the Melbourne suburbs.

Please contact me if you're interested via email or telephone. Thanks!

Asha Lloyd
ph. 0447536699