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    Question Missed Abortion


    I was 8 week pregnant when doctor found, my baby is not growing well and no heartbeat. It was my first baby. 2 days ago, i had D & C. We tried to find reason of my missed abortion to prevent such problems next time. Unfortunately, we could not find anything.

    Now, myself and my husband are worried about next pregnancy. When shall i plan for it? What care should i take to avoid this again?

    Please advise.

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    Hi Vikalp - Welcome to our forum. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Sometimes the baby doesn't develop as expected and often a cause cannot be found. It is natural to worry about a future pregnancy. Doing some preconception care can help improve both you and your husbands health - which in turn helps you conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Doing preconception care for 3 or months is ideal. Let us know if you have any further questions. Would love to hear about what others have done to help prepare for a future pregnancy.
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    Hi Vikalp

    First, please accept my condolences on the loss of your baby. A number of years ago I had a missed miscarriage (or missed abortion). I was 13 weeks pregnant. That discovery stands out in my mind still as one of the most devastating moments of my life.

    In preparing for another child I was determined to give both myself and my baby the best possible chance. I sought help from an independent midwife who reviewed my lifestyle, including diet, exercise and so forth, and made recommendations on how to improve my health.

    I reduced the amount of caffeine I was drinking (I love tea), took some supplements to boost various vitamins and minerals in my body and began exercising for 30 minutes a day. My midwife also recommended I visit a chiropractor.

    This was a challenge for me because I had a very dim view of them, mostly fueled by the neck cracking and so forth that you see in the movies! My chiropractor came to be my greatest asset in preparing for a new pregnancy. She helped me to realign a body that, after far too many years sitting in an office chair, was quite out of whack. She also assisted me to work through the fears I had of attempting another pregnancy and to move forward with courage.

    While I suppose I will never know for certain, I credit the birth of my healthy and beautiful 2 year old girl to the preconception care provided to me by my independent midwife and chiropractor, both of whom cared for me right through the pregnancy and out to 6 weeks after my baby's birth.

    I would highly recommend preconception care. Best of luck Vikalp!


    PS: For those who don't know, a missed miscarriage (or missed abortion) is when a baby dies but a miscarriage does not occur spontaneously as would ordinarily be expected.
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    Dear Vikalp,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

    My first pregnancy also resulted in a miscarriage. I don't know if it will help you to know that miscarriages are unfortunately quite common (my sonographer said around 1 in 5 pregnancies sadly ends in a miscarriage) but the positive news is that by far the majority of these women go on to have healthy babies.

    I know it is, in some ways, particularly difficult when your first pregnancy ends in a miscarriage as you start to doubt your bodies ability to have children. However, whilst you grieve for the baby you have lost please take hope that this does not mean you cannot go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

    I found that keeping as stress-free as possible helped to prepare my body for the next pregnancy. Be nice to yourself! Do the things you love doing! I also found that eating lots of organic vegetables helped me to feel more prepared as well as daily exercise.

    Please do post back if we can help you further.
    Best wishes,


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