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Thread: alot of discharge

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    alot of discharge

    okay umh, i woke up with damp underwear, when i looks there was ALOT of discharge, im 37 weeks, some of the discharge is thicker then other bits and it looks like snot, and whitest colour! what is this

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    Hi Amber Sandra

    When pregnant its generally normal to see a white discharge, not unlike what you would have experienced before you were pregnant. As you get closer to labour though there tends to be a lot more of it!

    You may even expel a gelatinous glob which is called a mucous plug and falls away as your cervix gets ready for labour. Using panty liners can help to absorb the discharge (don't use tampons).

    Things to watch out for is clearer and thinner discharge (which might actually be a slow leak of your waters), a change in colour or smell (as in a bad smell), or any stinging, itching or burning in the area.

    I hope you're not too uncomfortable in these last weeks!

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    okay thank you

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    Your cervix produces mucous - sometimes can be thick and sometimes it can be thin. Have you talked to your midwife or doctor about your discharge?
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    no but i see her tomorrow but i dont know what to say to her

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    I would just say what you have posted above - you have expressed yourself clearly. Don't worry, your midwife won't be embarrassed! Hope it goes well tomorrow and let us know if you need anymore support.

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