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    Walking past the newsagent recently I saw a billboard advertising a magazine with the headline Bump Watch: The Duchess of Cambridge Goes From Petite to Pop!

    The cover was basically holding Will's Kate up as an image of beauty with her tiny tummy, and made references to 'finally showing' (when she has only about 10 weeks to go) and her 'lovely pregnant figure'.

    Don't get me wrong. She is clearly a beautiful woman but what does this say about the pregnant form - tiny is beautiful, big... is not?

    What did you feel about your pregnant form? Did you feel pressured not to show too early or get comments if you did?
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    I felt deeply embarrassed from 8-18 weeks really. I felt that I ought not be showing and that it all HAD to be fat. When it was an obvious baby bump I completely delighted in my body. I remember looking at myself in the mirror just loving my pregnant figure. I hope most people feel beautiful at some point in their pregnancy. The first time I fell pregnant I remember thinking of myself as a super hero... like WOW! I had no idea my body could do these amazing things and keep surprising me the way it did.

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    The human body is amazing, isn't it!

    I loved having a bump - felt so proud, special and excited. However, I did not enjoy all the comments (often from strangers) about how my bump was bigger, rounder/ higher/ lower/ smaller than they would expect...sometimes I would get all of these comments on a given day!


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