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    baby wearing two kids

    Is it possible to baby wear to kids? My children are so attached to me and don't want to be in the stroller. I'm afraid this could hurt my back. Has anyone have same experience? Which carriers could be good to wear with both kids?

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    Yes this is certainly possible - it's known as tandem babywearing. I have done this. You are right it is a great way to help both baby and toddler feel safe, secure and comforted.

    There are so many options but for your age children I would wear the toddler on the back in either a full buckle (like the Tula or Manduca) or a toddler Mei Tai and the new baby in the front in a stretchy sling (like the Karime or Moby). Alternatively you could wear the toddler on the back in a full buckle and the baby on the front in a baby mei tai. These are just some of the options.


    Warm wishes,

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    Thank yiu. Have you tried it with an Ergo? I have Ergo and a ring sling. Was thinking it might be too bulky.

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    An Ergo is not much more bulky than a Tula so you could certainly use this on your back. I personally prefer to tandem babywear with the same weight on each shoulder but some mums use a ring sling on the front. Are you able to breastfeed in the ring sling?

    Warm wishes,

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