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    Ergo baby carrier

    I try to wear my baby whenever I can, but now that she's getting longer and more easily distracted, I find it difficult to have her in a carrier. My Ergo carrier has the option of putting her on my back, but she's only 7 months old, so I'm not quite sure how to get her in that position without dropping her. Yikes! She also doesn't seem comfortable in this carrier. She starts squirming and crying after being in it for about 15 minutes. Is that just too long to be carrying her?

    I also have a baby k'tan, which allows me to have her facing outwards (which she loves!), but this also gives her the ability to grab things when we're out shopping. I also can't see her face, which bothers me for some reason. This is her favorite carrier by far, she will fall asleep in it when we're out shopping.

    I do a baby bjorn, but I've read that the dangling legs is not good for baby hip development. It is also uncomfortable and hard on the back.

    Are there any other carriers that are more versatile yet still comfortable? I really do not want to spend more than $150, as I know that there are some that get quite expensive. I haven't tried any kind of wraps, either.

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    Here is a instructional video on how to back carry with a ergo:

    I loved ring slings, my children all lived in them up till about 9 months or so. I've even carried a 4 year old in a ring sling.

    Some baby's like to be carried and others not so much.
    You know your baby best, if you think she will like to sit and ride you can try a cheap umbrella stroller and see if that helps, before investing in another carrier.
    One of my children preferred to ride rather than be carried.

    Let us know what you find works best.


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