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    Babywearing on my back...

    I have been front carrying my son since he was 6 weeks old, he is now 10 months but I really struggle with getting him into a back carry. I've tried everything from distraction to "sneaking" him around from a hip carry, but he really freaks out and I lose the seat instantly. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could try or should I just continue to front carry?

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    It does take practice. What type of sling are you using - a woven wrap? If so what able trying one that is perhaps quicker to get him up there like a Mei Tai or full buckle (such as the Tula)? There are a lot of sling libraries out there and these are great places to try a new type of sling for a couple of weeks and also get some help with back carrying.

    You could also try using a weighted doll/ teddy and practising with getting this on your back. Also, could you have someone to help you/ help distract your son?

    Warm wishes,

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