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    What is the best Baby wearing sling?

    Well my first son we have a little carrier, but it is not like a sling that you wrap around your shoulders. For example it looks like a nice front backpack type carrier. I have seen the one that you tie around one shoulder and carry the baby snugged up more against you. I was wondering which one would you find as the best method? I hope i explained what mine looks like more.

    This is what mine looks like
    Baby Carrier Active with mum.jpg

    Here are the ones I have seen

    Which one is better or would you prefer? Thanks

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    The sling (second picture) is usually a better option of these two choices. However, some structured carriers, like the Ergo are good for baby because they support the baby more evenly, carriers like the one in the first picture tend to put too much weight on the baby's spine/pelvic area. Also I think that I have read it is better for the baby to face mom's chest, though I am not sure where I read it or why it is preferred, so don't quote me on it. =)

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    The problem with the one in the first picture is that it looks too narrow between the baby's legs. A baby should be seated in the carrier with his or her knees higher than his or her bottom. If you look at the pictures of the Manduca, you can see the difference.

    It is better for the baby to face you, as it can cause a lot of strain on your back if you hold the baby in a forward facing position. The carrier needs to fully support the baby, so no strain is put on his or her spine and he or she is seated comfortably, as well. A carrier that lets the baby's legs dangle is not good for his or her development.

    As far as what type of better, I think it all comes down to personal preference. Carriers, like the Manduca, are buckle carriers (or soft structured carriers) with padded straps. In my opinion, they are wonderful for older babies and for longer trips or walks. For quick trips, something like the second picture is good. They are pouch carriers that the baby can lay in or can be used for an older baby to sit on your hip. The one problem is that it is difficult to find your correct size if the sling is not adjustable, so it may take time to find one that fits you well and is comfortable. You also have to be careful that the baby can still breathe whilst in a sling-style carrier.

    I do not own the Manduca, but I own one that is the same style and it is one of my favourites. There are also wraps, mei tais, and ring slings. I have never used a wrap, but I do own a mei tai (Asian-style carrier) and a few ring slings. I like those both, as well. The mei tai is similar to the buckle carrier, but there are no buckles, just long pieces of fabric that you tie around your waist and shoulders. A ring sling is like a pouch (as it sits on one shoulder), but it is a long piece of fabric with rings, so it is adjustable.

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    Oh thank you both for this, I know we have the one in the first picture which we used for my first son, I turned him facing me though when he was little and when he got a little older I faced him away, but I understand what you are saying. I am glad that I could get some help on this issue, so that I can buy the second picture one because I have to say that it looks a lot better and more secure than the one we have right now. Thank you again and Happy New Year.

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    The first sling looks like a BabyBjorn - I have had quite a lot of chiropractors and osteopaths tell me that this type of sling puts too much pressure on the base of a baby's spine and that other carriers such as the Manduca are preferable.
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    Thank you all again for your help. See I did not know that it would hurt the babies spine, which my son barley spent time in the first one at all, because I always wanted to hold him or let him sleep in his stroller. I am glad that I asked this question so that I can now go out and get a nice sling for the new baby. Thank you again.

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    I have tried the Ergo (with and without infant insert as required), ring sling, Manduca, woven wrap, and stretchy wrap, and I found that the Ergo, ring sling and woven wrap worked best for me and my baby. The Manduca I didn't try until she was a toddler, so I can't say how it goes with newborns, and my daughter wasn't keen on it when we tried it but that's probably because she likes to have her arms out - most babies don't mind to have their arms in - but I loved the look of the built-in infant insert and they are especially good for people who find that Ergo straps fall off their shoulders - the fit on the Manduca straps seem more fitted. A ring sling is wonderful at many different ages - I used one when my daughter was a wee baby, until about 3 months, then she preferred the Ergo until about 12 months when she started to enjoy being on my back in the woven wrap. Even now as a preschooler I can carry her on my hip in the ring sling or in the woven wrap - the Ergo still works for her but she is tall so it doesn't support her tall back very well anymore. People with shorter toddlers find that the Ergo is still a great back carrier for them even at 2-3 years of age - the Manduca would also have this longevity as it opens out to a taller carrier body as the child grows. The nice thing about a ring sling over a Bjorn-type carrier is that it can carry baby in kangaroo carry (facing out) or hip carry (facing towards your side) as well as a front-facing carry, whereas the Bjorn carrier can only do a rather awkward, crotch-dangling, straight-out or straight-in carry. I totally recommend ring slings over Bjorns

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    I always wanted to try slings, but I'm too scared baby might fall off. My baby at 7 months just couldn't keep still in his carrier. We are using Ergo by the way, but I would still want to try using a ring sling, or pouches. Is it really that safe for babies like mine? What brand of slings would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

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    "Wiggly" babies can be a challenge. My 3rd child was this way. In fact I called him my little "Hudini Baby" because he seemed to be able to "escape" from many of safety belts I placed on him. I ended up having to get items with 5 point harnesses to keep him in place, even a high chair.

    But there are front packs and backpacks that you can use with a "wiggly" baby. The Manduca front pack works nicely, and something like a Moby wrap or Boba would work well too. Those are all front carriers.

    And for a 7 month old, you could start to put him in a backpack. I did this alot when I was trying to wash dishes, vacuum the house, make dinner, etc. Bub was happy to be close, yet my arms were free. The back packs have a 5 point harness which goes over the shoulders so bub can't wiggle out.

    Here's a video of a mum placing her older baby in the Mandua Baby Carrier using the front position.

    I'm sure you'll get some more ideas from other mums who use carriers.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi mommalovesfluff,

    I can recommend the Mei Tai, even for very wiggly babies! My toddler has always preferred the back carry with this baby carrier. Here's a photo of us in action!:


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    How fun! Love seeing pictures of carriers in action! Thanks for sharing, LJ!

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    Thanks Kate!

    Yes I would love to see others' pics of their babies enjoying the baby carriers. Please share them with us if you would like to.


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    I love this thread! It is so important to have information available with actual responses to how it works. I have been looking into baby wearing for our next child...whenever that ever happens! I will let everyone know the update with us as soon as we have one!

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    It comes down to choice and what is comfortable for both the mum and baby. If either are uncomfortable they'll soon get wriggly. With regards presure on the baby's spine, it comes down to length of time in a sling. But compared to the baby carryng capsules this will be minimal. Make sure the baby has some time on the floor back and tummy after a sling carry.

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    For me Sakura Bloom Ring Sling is best one. It's fabric is comfort and nice coloured.

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