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Thread: What is the best Baby wearing sling?

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    Just had a look at these smithjones - they are lovely! I'm now enjoying my Mei Tai with my 4 month old.

    Best wishes,

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    Best baby backpack?

    Hi - I am looking to get my first backpack for my baby and I am interested in some recommendations! I have a 5 month old and currently use a wrap carrier. I don't use it too often as the extremely long piece of fabric can be frustrating at times. As my little one is getting older and heavier, I am thinking it is time to get a back pack. Also, I would like one that is relatively easy to use (I have seen some that look difficult to strap on - with a baby dangling on mum's back before it is securely strapped!)

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    Hi Dee,

    That's great to hear you are currently babywearing. Babywearing gives so many advantages to mum and baby and research has even shown it reduces the chance of suffering from postnatal depression.

    Is your wrap carrier a stretchy wrap (like the Moby or Karime wrap) or a woven wrap? Although some of the older instructions say otherwise, stretchy wraps are actually not suitable for back carries because it is possible for a baby to fall out of them. Woven wraps are absolutely great for back carries.

    However, it sounds like you would like a carrier which is quicker to use. I would recommend the Manduca which is a full-buckle carrier (i.e. the waist and the arm straps have buckles). There are many full buckle carriers such as the Tula and the Boba. Is there a 'sling library' near you where you could hire one from and try it? Many sling libraries also offer postal hiring if they are too far for you to visit. Meeting up with other babywearers is a great way to hear how people get on with different carriers and to get some hands on tips at getting your baby on your back when you are on your own.

    I carry my 12 month old on my back in both a Mei Tai and a half buckle carrier (the half buckle has buckles around the waist but wrap straps so I can adjust it more than with a full buckle carrier although it takes slightly longer to put on). Personally, I would highly recommend that you use one of the carriers I have mentioned rather than a backpack carrier with a frame which will not distribute the weight evenly around your body and your daughter is unlikely to be happy being in there as long as a softer wrap/ carrier. My son will happily nap on my back and if I need to breastfeed him whilst I am out and about I can use any of these baby carriers on my front and breastfeed him whilst I walk around (this is great because I also have a toddler).

    All of these carriers take a little practice and perseverance but the result is a happy baby and a comfortable mum.

    Please do post back and let me know what you think.

    Warm wishes,
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    Thanks for the reply. I currently have the moby wrap. I tried out the Manduca a few months ago, but I think my baby was too small at the time and did not like it. I might try it out again and see how she likes it. I'll also look into the half buckle carriers.

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    I love the Moby wrap for under 4 month olds! It depends on the baby's weight, but my experience has been that from about 4-6 months old stretchy slings are not supportive enough for the weight of the baby and the sling tends to hang lower and lower.

    Yes I can understand that with a Manduca - whilst they are technically suitable from birth I prefer them for an older baby. You may find you prefer a half buckle to a full buckle because you can adjust the straps (a half buckle has wrap straps) and this is more similar to the Moby's style of carrying (but with supportive, comfortable material).

    Do let me know how you get on or post back if I can help you further.
    Best wishes,

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    My experience has been that from about 9 months old, depending on the weight of your baby, it is more comfortable for the baby to be carried on your back. Your baby can then watch the world go by too! Forward facing front carries aren't recommended because of the position the put the baby's hips in.


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    Really so nice ....Thanks to share .
    It helps me after some time .

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    I thought the Maya Wrap was beautiful, and I loved the idea of carrying my baby in it.

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