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    3 days and im wanting it to hurry up

    is it safe to try and bring on labour! ive been in early labour for 3 days and its getting annoying, i wanna get it over and done with!! im only 38 weeks and i dont see my midwife untill 2 days before my due date!! so do you think its safe to try make things go faster

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    Hi Amber - I know you are keen for labour to start. Sometimes unfortunately it is a waiting game. It is very positive that you are having lots of signs that labour is going to begin. Hopefully your body will start labour for you soon. In the mean time make sure you are getting lots of rest. Unless there are medical problems bringing on labour early is not ideal. You can try natural strategies (which we talked about in early posts).
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    okay thankyou

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    Hi Amber

    I had many days of prelabour before the birth of my second daughter. I understand both your frustration and desire to get there. Birth is a taxing process, often made worse by attempting to hurry it along. As Jane suggests, get as much rest as you can and stay positive. Labour cannot be too far away.


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