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Thread: 4 boys, 1 new business a husband and a dog.

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    Talking 4 boys, 1 new business a husband and a dog.

    BUSY! Life's busy, but it's very good. I'm Nicholise.. hi.
    My youngest child has just turned 1, I have a 2 year old, a 4 year old and a 7 year old... and I don't THINK we'll have anymore. I think it's fair to say I'm a little addicted to babies. I come from a family of 11 children and am a qualified child carer, a singer songwriter and a photographer specialising in Newborn and pregnancy photography. The photography has always been there but I've only started my business up fairly recently and while most people can't believe I do what I do considering how obviously busy I am, well... I have to say that the photography keeps me sane.
    I absolutely LOVE children and love capturing those precious and incredibly fleeting moments. I'm trying to find a way to remember how you felt when you first held your baby... like a scent that brings back memories and feelings, that's what I try to capture with my photographs. I've got the worst memory known to mankind and yet I remember the circumstances of every single photograph I've ever taken, so to me, they're invaluable.

    My husband is kind and gentle, we've been together since I was 16 (27 years ago). He's adorable really. He's a beautiful dad and just a lovely person. He's quiet and I'm a chatterbox, we make a good team.

    I'm interested in talking to mum's about their passion in life. I think that life is all about doing what you love and thankfully I'm able to do that. I'm interested in learning more about how people manage to do all that needs to be done with a family and anyone who's got great tips to share in any arena really... I'm very open to learning new tricks to help make life easier. Oh, I've got one to offer. I only ever use 1 peg when hanging out the clothes. Makes it quick and easy to put up and take down again. Simple.

    I look forward to getting to know you,

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    Hi Nikki - A very big welcome to our Forum. I loved reading your introduction - so much passion. Good luck with with your photography business. We have a wonderful small community here on this forum. So I hope you enjoy getting to know us. I don't post here as often as I like due to my very busy midwifery practice.
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    Hi Nikki,

    Welcome to the forum! What a great introduction you've given us - thank you. You sound awesome and thanks for your tip :-) Here's my tip for toddler nappy changes - when you go to change their nappy button up their vest using the buttons at the bottom over one shoulder. It keeps the t-shirt and jumper out the way of the nappy and its contents!

    I have 2 boys and love it! My 2 year old is a hilarious, dancing drummer boy and my six month old is a smiley, rolling, fascinating baby. They're the best.

    Look forward to sharing more posts with you,


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    Hi Nikki

    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have one of those crazy yet fulfilled mother's much like myself (well a little overfull at times really but anyway...). A former Early Childhood Educator and Advisor aon quality at a national level, I am now a writer, University educator, Public School Class Buddy and mad keen photographer and scrapbooker (although I get little time for the scrapping part). I am obsessed with preserving moments in time.

    I am single with an 8 and 2 year old - both glorious girls who daily both exasperate and inspire me! I came from a family of 6 and long for the big family which infertility prevented me from achieving. I would love to have one more child but.... there are many considerations.

    I am always looking for time saving ideas. Here is mine. You no doubt have a tile splash-back in your kitchen behind your sink or stove or both. Buy a pack of coloured whiteboard markers and you have an instant BIG white board in a prominent location.

    I use the surface for all sorts of things - school/sport/music/swimming reminders, the week's evening meal menu, work I need to complete that day for clients, inspirational quotes that help keep me on track, the sky's the limit really. When you're done a quick wipe with a tissue or wet wipe and you have a clean surface again.

    And speaking of wet wipes, there's another tip. I have a packet of wet wipes in every room. I biuy them in bulk (a carton) from Kmart of BigW and I use them for everything! Forget the expensive cleaning wipes.

    Two wet wipes and a little elbow grease and you can have a clean hand basin in under a minute. Having them all over the house means that every time there is a spare minute (waiting for the kettle to boil, answering a non-important phone call etc) I can grab a couple of wipes and clean something. This means that I can minimise on catastrophic clean ups by chipping away daily. I use them for dusting, cleaning surfaces, wiping up spills on the floor etc etc.


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    Nice to meet you interesting ladies. Exchanging time-saving tips is a brilliant idea. Please keep them coming as I'm pregnant with my second and scared about how I'll cope. My tip is to have all the cleaning products in a bucket ready to go. The other is have a squirt bottle of dishwasing liquid and water ready to go for any spills on carpet.

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    Hey again - I just wanted to say that I was concerned with how I would manage with two when I was pregnant with my second. There are 22 months between my boys but I have to say that (overall!) it is easier than I thought!

    Firstly, I found the birth of my second baby much quicker and easier and it was also quicker for me to recover from it (I didn't need any stitches the second time around). I also found breastfeeding much, much easier to establish (I had so much more knowledge and experience and, I feel this is key, I knew where to turn if I had any problems). With my second son, I was already in 'baby mode' (due to their close age gap) so I didn't have to adapt much to the interrupted sleep and nappy changes etc.

    I guess I was also more confident the second time around - I wore my new baby in a stretchy sling from day one and knew why I wanted to do so.

    I found that, because my toddler needs to go to an activity every day (even if it is simply playing in the park) my new baby adapted quickly to being out each day and being 'transported around' with my toddler. Also, my younger son loves watching everything my toddler does - my toddler will keep him amused for hours!

    I don't try to be superwoman and (on difficult days - we all have them - sometimes they become difficult weeks!) I just do whatever it takes to get through the day (easy quick dinners, help from friends/ family etc).

    You are going to love having two!


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