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Thread: advice needed asap

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    advice needed asap

    hi there. im 21 weeks pregnant and feelin really strange. i feel dizzy and feel faint all the time to the point where i think im going to pass out. i cant stop shaking. should i go to the hospital or wait it out?

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    Hi - Welcome to the forum. Did your midwife or doctor should have given you contact numbers to call when you have a concern? Feeling dizzy and faint can be caused by a number of things such as low blood pressure or anaemia. You'll need to talk to your care giver to find out what is going on. Let me know how you go.
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    As Jane says above, dizziness in pregnancy can have a number of causes. It's quite common for women to feel dizzy (particularly mid pregnancy, which I see you are) due to reducing blood pressure. Does the dizziness come on after a particular activity? It's best to not lay flat on your back once you reach the second trimester. Also, you should try to get up slowly from sitting or standing. Are you eating and drinking enough? This can help to reduce dizziness in pregnancy.

    I would see your caregiver to check what the cause is.

    Let us know if we can help further,
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