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    What was the moment that took your breath away...

    Hi all

    Most women have moments and experiences in pregnancy which are so touching they will warm their hearts forever. They often make up for the discomforts and struggles that pregnancy can bring.

    What was the most touching moment you recall from pregnancy... the one that took your breath away...

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    With my first baby boy - feeling my baby move for the first time. I remember I was relaxing on a sofa at a friend's house and I felt a big smooth bubbling feeling inside - I put my hand over my bump and felt my baby boy for the first time. From this moment on, I felt a bond with him. I used to 'play' with him through my tummy. He was very active in the womb. Actually, he still is very active (at two and a half)!

    With my second baby boy - it has to be finding out we were having another little boy at the twenty week scan. Sooo exciting. After this point I started to imagine him and his brother playing together - my second baby boy is now 8 months old and loves his big brother!

    Lovely, life-changing memories.


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