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    The ‘Five Year Plan’

    Hi all

    I have often heard couples planning their first or a subsequent child, talking about having a ‘Five Year Plan.’ It’s something I have tried to do on occasion but never really succeeded at.

    Do you have a ‘Five Year Plan’ and if so what is it?

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    Interesting question.

    We originally had a 'five year plan' when we got married with regards to when we would have children, where we would live, what our life would look like. However, we certainly didn't stick to this plan! Since having our first child we have become more flexible in our planning. I find it is useful to have overall priorities decided and then the details will naturally fall into place. For example, we prioritise spending time with family and friends. Then when an opportunity to socialise as a family presents itself we can just say yes because we know this is important to us. If we don't make these priorities then we have found that we end up saying no to things that we really want to be doing because of day-to-day details.

    I'd be interested to know if other families stuck to their 'Five Year Plan'.

    Best wishes,


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