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    Did you do research about breastfeeding before having your baby?

    I was not very aware of the benefits of breastfeeding before having my first child, but I knew I wanted to try to breastfeed. After learning so much about breastfeeding, I know how beneficial it truly is. Although, I wish I had been more prepared when I had my first. If I had been, I would have known more about what to expect and what was normal. I would have loved to attend something like the Breastfeeding Education Course.

    Did you do research about breastfeeding before having your baby?

    Did you attend any courses related to breastfeeding during your pregnancy?

    If you are pregnant now, do you plan on attending a course or doing research?

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    Yes I did actually I had to look up what benefits breastfeeding gave the baby. I was happy with the results and I had a lot of advice on why breast feed and everything else. I loved it, but I ended up on birth control which I was told that it would dry up everything. I still have to research that part as well, but I experienced it actually cause when I tried nothing lol. Yeah I had to research everything when I was pregnant with my first one. All I can say is now I know what to do and expect.

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    Before my first baby was born I did a lot of reading on breastfeeding and found this very helpful. Breastfeeding was covered in my prenatal classes - but not in detail. There wasn't any breastfeeding specific classes available at the time. I would have like to have a gone to an informative breastfeeding class.
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    I read about breastfeeding and (like aussiemidwife) it was covered in my prenatal classes but not in detail. I wanted to breastfeed mainly because of the health benefits for the baby including reduced risk of cot death as well as minimised chance of contracting infections (you can read more about this here). However, I was not prepared for how difficult we found it at first and I wish I had researched more about the practical aspects of breastfeeding rather than simply the benefits. That said, we are still happily breastfeeding now 12 months later!

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