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    Heavy Periods 2 years after birth

    Hi all

    From when they started when I was 12 I had horrendous periods. They were so heavy I would have to set an alarm and get up during the night to change my pad. In my twenties A gyno recommended I go on the pill and this certainly made a difference.

    Later when attempting to conceive I went off the pill and braced myself for the worst. But the worst never came. I continued to have normal periods even without the pill... and I was off it for almost two years.

    Falling pregnancy I had my beautiful daughter and went along merrily breastfeeding and having no periods. My daughter was 14 or 15 months old when I got my first, post-birth period. I was not braced for the worst... I should have been!

    Since then, every month I am transported back to the horror of my youth... debilitating periods which cause PMS for a week prior, heavy bleeding that lasts a week and makes going anywhere or doing anything difficult, and period pain and headaches which sometimes reduce me to tears.

    I work from home and, with no desire to tell the companies I work for what is going on, two weeks out of four weeks I face dissatisfaction when work does not get done. I am also single so there is no one else to assist with children, household tasks and so on. I have no option but to fight through it.

    Has anyone else experienced a relapse of this sort after a pregnancy? Does anyone have any suggestions. The obvious is to go to a doctor but I really don't want to be put back on the pill and after a traumatic birth experience I have developed an even greater aversion to doctors than I had before!

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    Hello Mumof2IVFmiracles,

    I'm so sorry that your periods are so difficult for you. But there is good news. You can reverse this naturally and live a life without period pain, headaches, mood swings, depression, fatigue, swelling, heavy bleeding and everything else that goes along with hormonal imbalance.

    The fact that you responded well to the pill says that the female hormones the pill put into your body (even in the synthetic form) helped to balance you. The fact that the pill can have some major side effects later in life is something to be concerned about. Results of population studies show the risks of breast, cervical and liver cancer appear to be increased. So best to avoid synthetic hormones, and balance the body through nutrition, exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    Limiting exposure to toxins is important. No smoking, no alcohol and no drugs is a great start (I'm assuming you already avoid these things). Choosing organic foods grown without pesticides or herbicides is another healthy choice when you can afford it and when it's available. Limiting exposure to toxins will take stress off of your liver. The liver supports hormone production so we want to be sure the liver isn't overloaded.

    I'd have to say that one of the fastest and best ways to reverse PMS is by juicing raw fruits and vegetables, including deep green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale or swiss chard. Kale is my all time favorite green to juice because of it's high chlorophyll and high calcium content. It naturally detoxifies the liver while feeding the body high amounts of nutrition.

    Juice fasting is amazing for the body and will offer the fastest results. If you want to live life without headaches, cramping, heavy bleeding and bloating, and you want lots of good energy and focus/concentration (no foggy brain) this is the way to go. Please note that the first 3-5 days of a juice fast can be difficult, because your body is dumping a lot of toxins into your system. But after that, you will feel GREAT!

    Here's a video that has lots of helpful information on how to avoid cramps and PMS. She gives a list of what NOT to eat before or during your period, and she gives a list of foods that help avoid cramps. She also offers a great smoothie recipe to help relieve cramps. Definitely worth watching!

    You eat this way 3 days before your cycle, and then take the smoothie once a day throughout the month (one smoothie every day). But I would highly recommend that you do a juice fast first, and then, once you are back to eating foods (not drinking them) you can adopt her suggestion for foods to avoid, and foods to eat around the time of your cycle. Personally, I try to drink a green drink every day, and I feel the best when I do this. I usually just juice apples and kale for my juice, but you can get more creative.

    Here's the video... Enjoy and let me know if you learn anything or if you have any questions.
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