Hi all

From when they started when I was 12 I had horrendous periods. They were so heavy I would have to set an alarm and get up during the night to change my pad. In my twenties A gyno recommended I go on the pill and this certainly made a difference.

Later when attempting to conceive I went off the pill and braced myself for the worst. But the worst never came. I continued to have normal periods even without the pill... and I was off it for almost two years.

Falling pregnancy I had my beautiful daughter and went along merrily breastfeeding and having no periods. My daughter was 14 or 15 months old when I got my first, post-birth period. I was not braced for the worst... I should have been!

Since then, every month I am transported back to the horror of my youth... debilitating periods which cause PMS for a week prior, heavy bleeding that lasts a week and makes going anywhere or doing anything difficult, and period pain and headaches which sometimes reduce me to tears.

I work from home and, with no desire to tell the companies I work for what is going on, two weeks out of four weeks I face dissatisfaction when work does not get done. I am also single so there is no one else to assist with children, household tasks and so on. I have no option but to fight through it.

Has anyone else experienced a relapse of this sort after a pregnancy? Does anyone have any suggestions. The obvious is to go to a doctor but I really don't want to be put back on the pill and after a traumatic birth experience I have developed an even greater aversion to doctors than I had before!