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    Red face Boy or Girl???

    Hey guys. Sorry but I have another boy or girl guessing game! I had my anatomy scan done at 19 weeks and the tech didn't want to guess boy or girl because she couldn't tell. I found the best toilet shot I had and was hopping for anyone's guess or even pointers to help me guess. Happy either way as it is healthy and all looked good but curiosity is nagging me! Thx xx

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    Hi Shholly,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I'm thinking if the sonographer wasn't sure of the baby's sex then you won't be able to tell from the pictures At around 18 weeks the sex of the baby can generally be found out by the sonographer - although they are not always right (its around 90-95% accurate although this depends on the equipment and the experience of the sonographer). Sometimes the baby is just not in an easy position to tell if it is a boy or girl!

    Sorry I can't solve your question!

    Wishing you a happy pregnancy,


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    The ring test! Always worked for me. Hold a ring (yours only It doesn't work with someone else's) on a chain or piece of your hair. Hold it above your baby bump( the long you hold it the stronger the signal) if it swings side to side : boy, around in a circle : girl.

    If you hold it over your right hand and do it it tells the current plus future sex of children.
    Never met anyone this hasn't come true for..

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