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    Posterior Labour

    I have just come across this video on YouTube - I see a lot of videos and this one is better than most. It is well put together and tells a wonderful story of a woman having a homebirth after a very long posterior labour. The look on her face as the baby is born is just beautiful. Enjoy
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    How beautiful. What an encouragement for women (like myself) who have experienced a long labour. I would love for my next labour to be a positive experience like this lady's birth seems to have been. I am considering hypnobirthing.

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    Beautiful video - great footage! Thanks for sharing this posterior labour video.

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    It's weird but I have had 10 posterior births and never any of the symptoms associated with them. In fact, all my births have been very quick. A couple, only 2 contractions ten minutes apart. If, I had had the ultrasounds and been told it was posterior and to expect a long labour, I wonder if my labours would have been different.

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