My husband and I are trying for our 4th baby. We were never going to try again after our last as I had placenta previa and the doctors for some reason cut through my placenta. This resulted in a lot of blood loss by me and my daughter had to be resuscitated. I only know bits and pieces of what happened as the doctors were not very forthcoming with information. I only know about them cutting through the placenta as after recovery, still drugged up to the eyeballs, a doctor visited me and said "I don't know why we had to cut through the placenta" I remember him saying that for sure. Anyway, you might think I'm crazy going back a 4th time but my youngest is now 8 and we really want 1 more. Now I've had 3 ceasareans. I just want advice from anyone else in my situation. What are the risks etc... I spoke to my doctor today and have had the blood tests to make sure I'm healthy etc (which I am anyway) I just now want advice from those that have been there and possibly from a midwife if possible for the medical perspective.
Sorry for the novel 😯