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Thread: Concerned about something I ate at work

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    Concerned about something I ate at work

    I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. I usually don't eat in the cafeteria at my job but today I was really hungry and didn't have anything I wanted at home to bring with me. Anywho, I ate mixed veggies and had two bites of the lasagna. I stopped eating it once I realized that it was mad with ricotta cheese. I was going to ask the chief if it was baked with pasteurized cheese or not but he was no where to be found today. I have a very active baby girl and I am worried about contracting listeria. I can't contact my doctor until Monday. If I were to contract listeria is there anyway the doctor can test for it and treat it......if anything happens to her I would never forgive myself.

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    Hi Bri

    You must be worried sick. It would take a stroke of exceptionally bad luck to contract listeria from a few bites of lasagna as the bacteria is rare.

    Listeria is sensitive to heat. As such any listeria in the cheese in the lasagna would have been killed when it was baked. The greater risk with cafeterias is actually food being cooked and then kept warm for long periods under warming lights.

    Reheated food should always be piping hot when served (to ensure all listeria bacteria is killed). For this reason, cafeteria food is generally best avoided. If you are left with no alternative, ask the staff to heat the hot portion of your meal in the microwave until it is piping hot before you eat it (let it cool enough not to burn your mouth obviously!)

    This article will provide you with more info about avoiding listeria: Listeria and Pregnancy

    I hope this post helps. Still check with your doctor tomorrow but rest assured the risk is low.


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    Dear Bri,

    I see you have had some excellent advice from Yvette above. I would like to second her advice: it is very rare to contract listeria in pregnancy. As you say, if the ricotta cheese was made from pasturised milk then it is safe to eat anyway.

    It's great to hear that your baby is so active - this is something your doctor or midwife will ask you at your standard antenatal appointments.

    Did you manage to see your doctor? I hope your doctor was able to put your mind at rest. Please try not to worry; remember how small the risk is of contracting listeria and it sounds like you try to be very careful anyway.

    Best wishes for a happy pregnancy and special birth,


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    Just refrain yourself from suspicious foods during pregnancy. Make this a rule: If you are doubt, don't put it in your mouth.

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