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    Carriers for babies. Are! they safe?

    Hello beautiful mothers! I'm quite curious about this. My husband and I bought this carrier for my 9 month old baby boy. We only use this each time we have to go out for family day, but I was wondering if is there any health hazards of using carriers? Or is there any time limits of using carriers? Thanks for reading! :)

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    Yes - babywearing is certainly safe and a great way to carry your baby whilst bonding and even breastfeeding on the go.

    Could I ask what carrier you have?

    The latest advice is to have a carrier with a nice wide piece of fabric for the baby to sit in and not to wear the baby on your front in a baby facing out position. At 9 months old a Manduca or a Mei Tai or a woven wrap are all examples of excellent carriers.

    It is important to follow the safe babywearing guidelines - have a quick look here.

    Warm wishes,

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    p.s. babywearing is safer than carrying a baby in your arms and there is not a time limit on babywearing

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