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    babywear 2 children at once

    I was just wondering if anybody here experienced babywearing two babes at the same time? I have an 18-month old toddler and 3-month old baby. My toddler enjoys babywearing but my youngest needs some more time. I think it will be easier to babywear them both than bring strollers. Has anybody tried it, like using two different carriers for each? One at the back and one in front perhaps?

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    I have used a woven wrap to carry 2 children at the same time once. It was very stressing on my shoulders though. Here is a great video on how to double carry.

    Hope you find this helpful.
    Happy baby wearing

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    I have used a stretchy sling (like the Moby) on the front and a full buckle on the back for this age range and found it a lot easier (and convenient!) than a buggy.

    What slings do you use at the moment?


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    I love ring slings myself. They are my go to

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    Thank you mums, I'll check on youtube too. I have a next9 ring sling.

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    Let us know how you get on sarah_rio. Have you got a sling library near you where you can try and hire slings? My local one is great! LJ

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