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    A ring sling baby carrier?

    Hey all,.
    Like the ones that I can use from newborn through toddler with minimal to no sewing. I searched and got tons of info but I want to hear peoples opinions about the best way first. Thanks.

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    I have been babywearing for around 2.5 years now and I have gradually added carriers to my collection.

    In my opinion, the most versatile type of baby carrier is a woven wrap. This can be used from newborn and I've even seen sleepy school age children carried in them on occasion! One of the things I love about the woven wrap is just how many ways there are to tie/ wrap it. I am constantly finding out about new ways to use it. You can use it on your front, back or hip and it is very supportive (because the material does not give). A Rebozo wrap is a special kind of woven wrap which can also be used to support a woman's body in pregnancy and labour (as well as for carrying your baby!).

    I enjoy using a stretchy wrap (such as the Moby or the Kari Me or Je Porte Mon Bebe) for a newborn baby up until about 4 months (depending on the weight of the baby). Stretchy wraps can be tied onto your body before putting your baby inside them - which makes them easier to master than a woven wrap for new babywearing mums and dads. Stetching wraps can be used until your baby is around 2.5 years but I prefer a woven for older babies. It's so wonderful wearing your new baby close to you.

    Ring slings are great for breastfeeding in. Although you can also breastfeed in the slings that I have mentioned above. I also find them good for when you are going to be putting your baby in and out of the sling frequency. However, I prefer to wear my baby on two shoulders for longer use (as the weight is distributed more evenly).

    Another favourite sling of mine is the Mei Tai - again it can be used from birth and I find it excellent for breastfeeding in. There are so many lovely designs to choose from.

    In case you haven't already guessed - I love babywearing!


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    I've been baby wearing for about 7 years now and always go back to a ring sling. I love how versatile it is and how well i can adjust the size to my growing babies.
    I've also mastered several different carries to fit the needs of my babies at the time.
    Our most favorite thing about ring slings is the ability to breastfeed as the poster mentioned above. I once was running through a busy international airport with a nursing baby in a ring sling. We made our flight and the baby nursed away.

    I've tried Mei tai baby carriers as well, those seem to work great once baby has more head and neck control. I like how the weight is distributed across both shoulders and ties at the waist. I found that the MT was perfect for 6+ months and long walks or walks in the city.

    We've also enjoyed wraps, they are quite confusing till one has mastered the different ways to wrap and tie them. Youtube provides numerous how to videos on all baby carriers.

    The benefits to baby wearing are great as well. Parents are more intune to babies hunger cues, body temperatures are more regulated. Parents tend to be more confident in parenting because baby is always right with mom or dad. The list goes on and on.

    I loved baby wearing as well and strongly encourage all new moms to find a carrier that suits them.

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    Here's a great little video that shows 4 different ways to carry a baby in the ring sling. I found it a bit harder to use a ring sling with a newborn, but maybe it's just because I didn't practice enough. I know someone who loved her ring sling with her newborns, though.

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    Great video 5Homebirths4Kate,

    I will tell you it did take me several tries to master the ring sling and the more i was determined the easier it seem to fall right into place.
    I like how i could adjust the bub nice and snug and even wear him up higher. I LOVE ring slings!

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences sunnymumof5 and 5homebirthskate (wow - 10 children between you ladies!) - the more we do this the more new mums will feel confident to try babywearing. I can't imagine my life without babywearing! It's one of those things that I didn't realise would become such a key part of life...until I had kids


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    I never realized all the things i could do while wearing my baby....going to the lu.....with a baby attached...washing dishes...sweeping the name it! When your a mum, you can do anything while wearing a baby!
    I am also attached to my first sling. I cant get rid of it. Its a keep sake.

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