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    Necklaces for teething babies work

    Guys i have a 5 month old baby who has just started teething does anyone have any good advice on how to help my baby get through this,.

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    Hi Chan Makhna,

    Teething affects different babies in different ways. Some babies go through the teething process without any apparent discomfort and other babies cry and moan as their teeth are breaking through.

    Some health professionals say that it is actually the growing of the tooth (rather than when it erupts through the gum) which causes the most discomfort. This growing process can occur a month before the tooth actually emerges - which is why a baby may suffer from teething pains before there is evidence of a tooth.

    As you refer to in your post, some mums use Amber Teething Bracelets which are meant to release a natural analgesic to the skin when worn. There are mixed reports as to whether this actually works. It's difficult to measure as you don't now how much discomfort a given baby would have due to teething at any particular time!

    I would recommend putting sticks of cucumber in the fridge so that your baby has something cool to chew on (this is best when they are 6 months +). Below this age, you can buy teething rings, some of which can also be cooled in the fridge.

    There are also teething gels and powders which can be rubbed directly onto the gums.

    Your baby may want to breastfeed more when they are teething. This will give them comfort from their teeth and your baby may also need the extra breastmilk at this time due to increased saliva production.

    I'd love to hear how other parents have helped their babies during teething.

    Best wishes,


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