One of the many questions soon-to-be parents consider is what type of nappy to use. Should you go for disposables or real nappies? There are lots of factors to consider, including:

* cost: real nappies work out cheaper in the long run (particularly if you do not use a tumble dryer and you use the nappies on more than one child), however, there is the initial cost of buying your 'stash' of real nappies

* ease: in the main, disposable nappies need to be changed less frequently than real nappies (as they contain gel which absorbs the urine)

* environmental issues: this is a biggie - real nappies are much better for the environment than disposable nappies (the far majority of disposable nappies are not bio-degradable and so contribute to overflowing landfill sites)

* time: there are the extra washing loads of the real nappies to consider

* natural products: many parents like the way that real nappies are made from natural products (such as bamboo or hemp) whereas disposable nappies contain chemicals

* design: real nappies come in many beautiful designs!

Are there any other factors that you considered when deciding what type of nappy to use?

As for my family, we started off just using disposables because at that time we only had shared washing facilities and I was concerned about the extra washing needed. However, we now use both! I do like the natural feel of the real nappies but if we have a busy day then I opt for the convenience of disposable nappies.

I look forward to reading about how you decided to do nappies!