I've been thinking about how the breastfeeding relationship is not just between the mum and child - it's important for dads to be involved to. Ok, so I know dads can't physically do what us mums can - but their emotional support and breastfeeding knowledge is key to a happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship.

A breastfeeding study published in pediatrics concluded that the role of the dad has a significant effect on the length of breastfeeding and how the mum felt the breastfeeding relationship was developing.

It is particularly important for dads to be given sound information about milk supply and common breastfeeding issues so that they can support their partner (especially in the early days and if any problems occur).

How did your partner support you during breastfeeding? Do you feel that your partner was given enough access to good breastfeeding information?

I have to say that my husband has been essential to the long and happy breastfeeding relationships I have had with my boys (and continue to have). In the early days, breastfeeding certainly was a two person job and my husband would wake with me whenever our baby needed feeding. I got him to check positioning and to pass me essential food and water supplies!

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