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    Did you breastfeed through pregnancy?

    I have only met a few mums that tandem breastfed, but each one had different stories about their experiences. I have heard that some mums do not breastfeed through the entire pregnancy, due to low supply, the baby weaning from the change in the taste of milk, or from painful or tender breasts, but they do resume breastfeeding once the new baby is born. I did breastfeed during my pregnancy, and I did experience some pain and some supply issues. I sometimes had to limit the times when my son could breastfeed, because I was so uncomfortable. I felt badly about it, but he was a bit older and could be distracted with food or a drink. He started breastfeeding again regularly once his little sister arrived. I was just curious if anyone weaned during pregnancy, but resumed breastfeeding their older child when the new baby arrived.

    Did you breastfeed through your entire pregnancy? Did you experience any pain or issues with low supply?

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    I personally persisted with the discomfort with breastfeeding during pregnancy. My son just loved to breastfeed - but I certainly understand why women would choose to wean. I know my supply dropped in pregnancy - but this did not deter my son. Once the new baby came - they breastfed together quite happily (and the discomfort thankfully disappeared).
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    I breastfed through my last pregnancy but I did notice a drop in my milk supply - it was noticeable that my breasts were less full and also my toddler asked for more yoghurt (he has never really liked drinking cows milk).

    I am very pleased that I breastfed through pregnancy and went on to tandem breastfeed as I feel it helped my toddler to transition to having a brother fairly smoothly and quickly. I also feel this gave me the huge advantage of being able to quickly and easily establish breastfeeding (and that all important good latch) with my new baby (this was also easier because I was an experienced breastfeeder).


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