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Thread: Breastfeeding Aids Babies' Brain Development

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    Breastfeeding Aids Babies' Brain Development


    Has anyone seen the reports about the recent MRI study which looked at how breastfeeding effects babies' brain development? It's excellent news for breastfeeding mums! The study has found that babies who are exclusively breastfed in the first three months of life have significantly increased brain activity (and associated development) in the areas of the brain which deal with language, emotional function and cognition. Those babies who were mixed fed (i.e. breastfed alongside formula feeding) had significantly increased development in these brain areas at 2 years of age compared to babies who were purely formula fed.

    The researcher is quoted as saying “I think I would argue that combined with all the other evidence, it seems like breastfeeding is absolutely beneficial”.



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    Hi Laura-Jane - I did see this and it is amazing the differences found. This is is just adding the to knowledge we now have about breastmilk. I was reading the other day that they have just found that breastmilk contains stem cells. They don't yet know the roll of these stem cells but it just shows the importance of breastmilk
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    Stem cells in breastmilk - that's interesting, I didn't know that. I have read about stem cells in the umbilical cord and how this can be used to treat blood diseases so I wonder if stem cells in breastmilk could one day be used in a similar way?

    I wonder if we should be preserving a small quantity of our breastmilk for if future scientific developments show it could be beneficial in ways we don't yet know.

    This also makes me think about whether we should preserve more umbilical cord blood (with the umbilical cord stem cells) and if we, as parents, should maintain ownership of at least some of this.

    I don't know any of the answers to these questions but I do find it fascinating to consider the incredible properties of both breastmilk and umbilical cord blood - and I am sure there is much we do not yet know about the potential of these natural products of being a mum.

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    Every mother should breastfeed their children for over all growth of their children.

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    I read this quote when I was struggling with breastfeeding my first son:

    'While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby' (Amy Spangler)

    At the time, it wasn't something that I wanted to read because I was struggling so much. However, it is something I am pleased to read as it spurred me on to carry on (through the very difficult early times breastfeeding with an undiagnosed tongue tied baby) and to go onto 2.5 years of unmatchable breastfeeding bonding.

    I'm very grateful for clear breastfeeding information as well as sound scientific studies into breastfeeding.


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