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    The Positive Birth Movement

    Hi everyone,

    Have you heard about the positive birth movement in your local area? We have a positive birth group where I live and I love the way this group sets out to shake up the way society has come to regard birth (largely as medicalised, horrible and a process to get through) and to share positive birth stories.

    When I was pregnant with my first baby I seemed to welcome unwanted birth horror stories. Sometimes complete strangers would come up to me and tell me how awful birth was. For a first time pregnant lady, this is scary and it starts to condition the brain that labour is something to be feared and that you are lucky if you don't experience labour as a horrendous ordeal.

    All this is seriously damaging for a pregnant mum-to-be. In labour, it is essential that we can trust our bodies and try to relax to allow the contractions to soften and open the cervix efficiently. I later learnt through hypnobirthing that it is important to breathe through each surge (contraction) and that labour is quicker and more comfortable when you 'go with the surges' rather than tense up and work against them.

    By far the majority of labours can be normal and without any medical interventions. We need to feel safe and comfortable in our surroundings (and confident in those who are sharing this special time with us). We should be able to birth our babies in the way that was intended - with respect, following our bodies and by 'going within ourselves'. We need to 'turn off' the part of the brain that deals with questions and stress and focus only on our body, baby and breathing.

    I hope the Positive Birth Movement spreads around the world. I hope that women everywhere are given the freedom to birth in the way they feel comfortable with and that they can do so with every confidence that their body was made to do this.

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