Hi mums and dads,

I am interested in how your child learnt to share when you follow a gentle parenting style.

My eldest is 2.5 years and is learning about sharing now, particularly as he now has a younger brother who wants to play with the toys too!

I have found that 'turn taking' is an excellent way to share. I feel this is more appropriate than taking a toy out of my sons hands so that he can 'share' it with another child - I don't feel that physically removing a toy from my son is really demonstrating how to share. Dr. Sears talks about Ways to Help Your Child to Share and he writes about 'modelling generosity'. Our children learn by our own actions and what we say and do to those around us. When it comes to parenting toddlers actions really do speak louder than words.

With 'turn taking' a child's 'turn' with a toy lasts for as long as they are holding with and playing with the toy. There are no time limits! However, the child learns that once he stops playing with the toy (and puts it down) then someone else is able to play with this toy.

What is your experience with teaching children to share in a gentle way?

Best wishes,