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Our resident midwife Jane has written this useful article on What to take to Hospital.

What was the most useful item you had in your hospital bag?

At which week in pregnancy did you have your hospital bag ready?

Jane recommends starting to gather items for the hospital bag from around 34 weeks of pregnancy. This allows time for you to find everything and organise your bag - you can then relax and enjoy your final weeks of pregnancy

One piece of advice I would add is to show your birth partner how you have organised your bag (where the nappies are, which section the high energy snacks are in etc). At the birth of our second son, I was nearing the end of my labour and I can remember my husband frantically pulling things out of the bag looking for the comfortable top that I wanted to wear! This isn't ideal when you are trying to focus on breathing through intense surges and visualising your baby emerging.

Does anyone else have any other tips for packing a hospital bag?

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