One of the WHO (World Health Organisation) Baby Friendly Initiatives (which was written to help raise breastfeeding rates) is:

'Practise rooming-in - that is, allow mothers and infants to remain together - 24 hours a day.'

In other words, it is recognised that being close to your baby day and night is important to established a successful breastfeeding relationship.

This is not something I was really aware of in pregnancy. In fact, I feel that my antenatal appointments and classes did not really prepare me for what I needed to know to breastfeed successfully. I am thankful that I had good friends as well as the help of a Lactation Consultant to help me through my bumpy start to breastfeeding.

I certainly would agree with this Baby Friendly Statement about 'rooming-in'. What about your experience? Were you aware of the importance of 'rooming in' during pregnancy and do you feel this helped you to breastfeed successfully?

Best wishes,