I'm interested to find out about how frequently other mums express their breast milk and whether this changed for different children you had.

I know there are a minority of mums who exclusively express (i.e. in the first 6 months feed their babies only expressed breast milk) - there's a breastfeeding story about exclusive expressing here. I take my hat off to this mum - what dedication and commitment to feeding her child the very best. What an amazing testament to motherhood.

More commonly, women may breastfeed partly from the breast and partly by expressed breast milk. Many women also exclusively breastfeed straight from the breast (removing the need to pump and removing the concern of 'nipple confusion').

What is your breastfeeding story? Did it involve expressing breast milk for any or all of your children? Around what proportion of the feeds were via expressed milk?

With my first son, I expressed a little (maybe for 1 feed in 20) during the time when I was having some difficulties breastfeeding (due to his tongue tie). With my second son, I have not expressed at all. I have had a smooth breastfeeding journey with him, and have found him easier to just pop him on the breast rather than pumping, storing milk and feeding it to him later.

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