This was just released by the ACM Weekly Newsletter
The Department of Human Services (DHS) has made provision for hospitals and midwives to record a newborn’s verified IHI in its Newborn Child Claim for Paid Parental Leave, Family Assistance and Medicare (FA101) form in the July 2013 version of the FA101 form (Reference FA101.1307). The form is supplied to hospitals and midwives in the DHS Parent Pack.

Effective from 1 July, the Proof of Birth page of the form (page 16) enables a verified IHI number for a newborn to be recorded.

DHS has advised that until such time hospitals have the software to create a verified IHI for a newborn, the hospital should select “No” to the question on page 16 - Was the newborn child’s Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) created by the hospital?

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