Poll: How long was your last labour once you were in active labour?

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    Poll - how long was your labour?


    How long were you in active labour for in your last pregnancy?

    I think this is something I would have found useful to know in my first pregnancy. I wasn't prepared for the length of this labour so this meant I tried to stay awake and 'get things going' early on in my labour when really I should have been resting and sleeping in between contractions to allow my body to have more energy for the more intense contractions.

    As a note, I don't believe a long labour means a 'bad labour' or a negative labour. In fact, some women who have very quick labours find it difficult because things get intense so quickly. With a longer labour you have time to allow your body and, importantly, your mind to get into the swing of things.

    Please vote in my poll and tell me how long your last labour was.

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    My last pregnancy was my 5th baby and I was in labor about 5 or so hours. Active labor went very quickly for me...I remember transition happening so fast then shortly after baby was in my arms.

    Great poll...would like to see more of these here on this forum. I think it would help bring us all together.
    Thanks LJ for posting this.

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