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    How did you choose a school?

    I was just reading through this article on choosing a school, and was curious what type of schools other parents have chosen for their child(ren). I think this article provides a lot of information in what to look for in a school, and it has a good checklist for finding the best school for your child.

    Does your child go to a government school or private school?

    If you do home education, what type of curriculum do you follow, something structured or child-led learning?

    How did you decide which type of schooling would be right for your child?

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    Well mind does not go until next year, but by us being a military family we decided to try the Base school first. I think that since we are living on base we can take him back and forth a lot easier than taking him on and off base. I would just look around and talk to certain mothers that have their kids in schools where you live as well, sometimes it can be based on where you are located and how far you are willing to drive. You want them to have a nice education, so I would make sure that your child is getting that.

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