I am writing this post to reassure any concerned mums and dads out there about to take their small kids on a long journey. I know this sounds like a scary combination (contained space, lots of other people, unpredictable small kids) but it can be done!

We have taken our two little ones (currently 8 months and 2.5 years old) on a number of long journeys (by car, train and plane) - the most recent being a 10 hour flight. I would like to offer up some tips for how to make travelling with babies and toddlers as pain-free (even enjoyable!) as possible, and it would be great if you shared below if you have any tips yourself.

* Organisation, organisation, organisation. This is essential with little ones in tow! Hopefully they will sleep on a very long journey, but if not you probably want to plan enough activities and snacks for the whole time available. It's also really helpful to have your bag well-organised into sections so different toys and books are easy to grab at a moment's notice.

* Snacks: plenty of healthy snacks and a few special treats will help your kids to munch their way through the long journeys. There's nothing worse than a hungry, moaning child and hours ahead of you.

* Get some help: don't be ashamed to ask for help from the cabin crew - everyone is happier when the little ones are content.

* Sticker books are amazing for using up hours and hours of time. Preferably ones your kids haven't seen yet and with their favourite characters/ hobbies in.

* Get creative and pack lots of small toys which will involve the kid's attention for the maximum time possible. Some favourites of mine are: travel aquadraw, bubbles, travel puzzles, brain puzzles and cubes, art materials e.g. bendy men or writing their own story.

* If you have a baby and are flying/ on the train - put them on the boob! Hours of contentment!

* If all else fails - pull out your ipad/ portable dvd player loaded with their favourite programmes.

Happy travelling!