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Thread: Did you have any cravings?

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    Did you have any cravings?

    I know all of us might of had some cravings while pregnant. I actually have been craving certain things like water, cookies and Ice cream. I have been eating a lot of cereal too, so in many cases these are the only things that I have craved so far and I am now about 28 weeks along. What kind of cravings did you or do you have? Have you had any weird cravings at all like chalk or something like that. I can say that I never had anything weird at all.

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    Coco pops - I couldn't get enough of them. Nothing that weird - only the quantity of coco pops I was going through!

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    Well when I was still pregnant, like first trimester as early as a few weeks pregnant, I was unaware that I was craving already. The first that I really craved for was a bar of chocolate, and it was a really hot sunny afternoon but I managed to go to the grocery just to buy one! lol. And the next food I craved for was spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs and baby back ribs. It was all about meat. What an appetite I possessed! The next was sweet corn and lanzones, and went back to chocolate everyday 'til I gave birth.

    But I do believe that we should eat healthy and don't be too picky for the baby's sake and ours as well. Here are some healthy eating articles. Enjoy!

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