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    Did you experience Headaches during Pregnancy?

    Well I was reading a few tips on when you have a headache during pregnancy. This link here will help you with your headaches and I thought that the tips were great. I actually have experienced headaches and sometimes they get so bad that they are actually migraines, but in order to get rid of them I wanted to try a natural way before taking medicine. These are some great tips and if you ever need any help I would read this.

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    I am glad you liked this article. Headaches are a common discomfort in pregnancy and I wanted to ensure there was information on how to avoid them and natural strategies to help if a headache occurs.
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    Yeah I still get them a little bit now, like when I get up in the morning, because I know I am up a few times since my son still gets up. I am still trying ot get him to sleep all through the night and not get up at all, but that is not happening. He is doing better with it since he is two going on three, but I don't know if it will change when the new baby gets here or not.

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    Yes I've experienced having headaches during pregnancy. It was the worst, I had a hard time sleeping and relaxing. I didn't want to do anything during that time because it was just really painful and disturbing. I consulted my OB with that and offered me natural ways to ease it. Just like this article which offers excellent ways to manage your headache during pregnancy.

    I believe the last resort would be using a medication to ease the pain. For this one, you should consult your healthcare provider for your baby's sake as well as your own.

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