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    Hello! TTC at 39!! Come on clock please keep ticking!! :)

    Good day all! My name is Sherri and I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. Well, actually my children are almost completely grown, my daughter 17 and my son is now 19 years old. (but of course for all of us mums our babies will always be our babies no matter how old they are!) I had a tubal ligation at the age of 22, 2 months after my baby girl was born. I was in a difficult time of my life, I had an abusive husband. I was young and scared and I did what I thought was necessary at the time. Well when my daughter was 3 and my son was 5 years of age we escaped with the help of my couragous sister. She saved my life!! Well, later on down the line I met the love of my life!! We were soon happily married. Well, he has never had children of his own although he accepted mine as his babies. I would love to have the chance to bare a child together with him. 8 years ago, we attempted IVF. 16 beautiful class A embryos. We were so excited!! We had 3 implantations 2 embryos at a time, each time my body rejected them. We felt like there was no hope for us so dontated the rest to women that are not able to conceive. Well, until 2 years ago, we changed our minds again. I had a tubal reversal 2 years as of May 2nd. Still no luck, but we are not giving up!!
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