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    If you have a miscarriage, does it show up on a blood test?

    This question is actually regarding my friend's 17 year old daughter. She was sure that her daughter was pregnant! First of all, her daughter's AF was went from 3-5 days normal flow to 1 day spotting for 2 months in a row. She has been irritable, extremely tired, complaining about lower back pain and lower abdominal pain and bloating and dizziness. So they took her to their family doctor, he said it is possible that she could have been pregnant so they sent her for a blood test. It came out negative. (Thank God!) She has an appointment for an ultrasound on Friday to see what they can find. But could she have been pregnant and had a miscarriage? If she did, would her blood test come out negative?? I heard the HSG stays in your system for a while..

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    Hi Sherri,

    I have a couple of comments on your post and I will also check what our midwife (Jane) thinks.

    My first thought it that sometimes a woman's period can change for reasons other than pregnancy. For example stress, illness or a change in eating patterns (particularly a sudden reduction in eating) can cause a woman's period to temporary reduce (and spotting can occur) or even to temporarily disappear. These can also cause a woman to feel unwell in the way you described (lower back pain, dizziness etc).

    Human Chorionic Gonasotropin (hCG) doubles around every 48-72 hours of a normal pregnancy. After a pregnancy has occurred, if a woman has a miscarriage, it can take 4-6 weeks for your hCG levels to return to their pre-pregnancy levels (this figure is taken from the American Pregnancy Association).

    In addition to this, if a woman has had a miscarriage she would experience bleeding (more than the amount of a normal period) or if it was a silent miscarriage (these are much less common than a 'normal' miscarriage) this would be detected on an ultrasound.

    In light of all this, I would say a miscarriage having occurred is unlikely. This is unless there were other symptoms (e.g. heavy bleeding) at an earlier date (e.g. a number of weeks before the hCG blood test).

    Best wishes,

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