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    When do you start Contracting?

    I can not remember when I started with my first child, but I surly think I am contracting now and I am about 27 weeks. I mean it feels like it hurts a little and I wanted to see if I am contracting or if the baby is just pushing my belly out or something. When do you actually start contracting? I tell you I am not sure at the moment and it is really getting to me haha.

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    Though I did not experience it at all during my first pregnancy, I began to experience pretty intense braxton hicks off and on around 25-30 weeks with each of my subsequent pregnancies. However, if they feel like the are in a regular pattern I think you should contact your midwife of physician, just to let them know what is going on.

    Usually you can try drinking a glass of water and lying down for an hour. If you continue to feel contractions and they seem pretty regular, it could be preterm labor.

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    Oh ok thank you so much I was wondering about it, because I have started, but it is not regular at all. I am glad that I can sleep good tonight. I went to doctor today, so everything check out okay for me. I had them with my first son a little, but not much. Yes I was still trying to figure it out haha. Thank you again as well.

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    Braxton Hicks contractions are can start at any point in pregnancy and varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. With my third baby I started noticing them very early in the first trimester. One of the things that I've found that helps settle them down is soaking yourself in a deep warm bath - particuarly useful at night so you can get a good night sleep and wake up rested in the morning. Another thing that may help is taking a magnesium supplement or adding a magensium bath flakes to the warm bath.
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