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    is coffee bad for pregnant women

    Is coffee bad for pregnant women or can I still drink even just a cup a day during my pregnancy because I really love coffee and I always crave for it?

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    The problem with drinking coffee in pregnancy is to do with the amount of caffeine in it. This is particularly an issue if you drink coffee purchased from a cafe (rather than that made in your own home) as studies have shown that there is a huge amount of variation in the quantity of caffeine in cafe coffees. Worryingly, some single drinks of coffee have been found to contain more caffeine than the recommended daily amount in pregnancy.

    You should have no more than 200mg of caffeine a day in pregnancy. Remember that caffeine is also contained in drinks such as cola and is present in chocolate (your total amount of caffeine should be less than 200mg).

    The reason caffeine should be limited in pregnancy is because it has been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage and having a baby with a low birth weight. For this reason, many women choose to avoid it completely in the first trimester.

    Have you considered swapping to decaffeinated coffee? It is best to avoid chemically decaffeinated coffees in pregnancy (in fact, these can be as damaging as caffeinated coffees) but instead drink coffee decaffeinated by a natural process such as the Swiss water filter process. This type of decaffeinated coffee is readily available in most large supermarkets.

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    Hi to all,

    I love drinking coffee... especially herbal coffee. How about herbal coffee? Is it safe?


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    My understanding is that manufactured herbal coffees are safe in pregnancy (they are caffeine free), however, you should not drink 'homemade' herbal coffees as the combination of herbs used will not be regulated.

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    some people say yes because it has alot of caffeine but I watched the news and a doctor said that one cup is not harmful,.. so i guess it's up to you,. but ask your doctor what they think.

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    It really comes down to the caffeine content in the cup. The research I linked to above did worryingly show that some single coffee drinks contained more caffeine than the recommended daily allowance in pregnancy. Since caffeine is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage as well as a reduced birth rate it is wise to be careful about this one.

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