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    Childbirth Classes

    As a doula, mums are always asking me what childbirth preparation courses I think are best. As a pregnant mother, I took Bradley classes and love them. If you've taken a birth class, what kind did you take? If you are planning to take one, what will it be?

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    In Australia I am not aware of any Bradley Classes. The main types of classes I can think of off the top of my head are are:

    There are other styles of childbirth class options as well. I personally prefer childbirth classes run in the community - hospital based classes vary in quality and content (some are good, some are not). When booking into any childbirth education classes find out what who is running the course, their experience and what the classes cover.

    I'd love to read your experiences with birth classes.
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    My husband and I took a childbirth class that my midwife gave. I loved it because she actually demonstrated what a woman looks/acts like when she's in different stages of labour.

    She encouraged us to go with our bodies and said we didn't need to know any particular way of "breathing". Women have been giving birth for thousands of years and thousands of years ago I doubt they were teaching women to breath a certain way at a certain time. The body knows what to do, so I naturally went with what my body was telling me to do.

    My midwife also drew diagrams on the board, showing how the cervix dilates and what effacement looks like. Now we have wonderful animated videos which show this.

    Here's a little video that shows how baby descends into the birth canal and rotates during delivery.

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