Has anyone experienced pre-eclampsia during their pregnancy? Are you currently experiencing it?

I had a bit of a scare during my last pregnancy. My blood pressure has always been around 90/65, but I had one day where it went through the roof and I was experiencing terrible headaches. It was, thankfully, a one time thing that was likely ignited by a very big argument I had that day. I've known many other women who weren't so lucky, though their experiences have varied greatly. Some did not experience any of the symptoms until very late in pregnancy and escaped relatively unscathed. I've also known other ladies who were induced or given a Cesarean section very early due to pre-eclampsia and had to suffer through having a baby in the NICU.

For those who have experienced pre-eclampsia, what was the outcome for you? What were your signs? I know there is much more than just high blood pressure.

Just curious.